How to save money on paper towel usage and reduce the environmental impact

Date: 22-May-2019

Each year, in Australia  we use and dispose of an average of 230kg of paper per head. Rapid Clean Newcastle promotes the use of Autocut hand towel dispensers to reduce consumption. They dispense single thicker sheets of hand towel, compared to a user typically grabbing a hand full of interleaved hand towel.

Studies have shown a reduction of up to 30% when using autocut hand towel, compared to interleaved hand towel. Massive reduction of paper usage can be seen when comparing to the use of free rolling roll towel or centre feed hand towel, where users tend to take full arm length at a time!

Does your bathroom look like this?


In addition to the reduction of paper towel usage, cost savings can be found. Autocut hand towel is approximately 25% cheaper than an ultraslim hand towel, measured in cents peruse.

Product Amount per carton Approx cost per 100 sheets
Autocut Hand Towel (Carton of 4 x 300 metres) Approximately 5,217 sheets per carton $1.32 per 100 sheets
Autocut Hand Towel (Carton of 6 x 200 metres) Approximately 5,220 sheets per carton $1.60 per 100 sheets
Autocut Hand Towel (Carton of 6 x 120 metres) Approximately 3,126 sheets per carton $1.94 per 100 sheets
Ultraslim Hand Towel 2,400 sheets per carton $2.10 per 100 sheets
Compact Hand Towel 2,400 sheets per carton $2.08 per 100 sheets

Rapid Clean Newcastle can offer both Midi and Mini dispensers. Midi autocut dispensers can hold 300 metre, 200 metre and 120 metres rolls, however where space may be an issue, a small Mini autocut dispenser is available, which can hold 120 metre rolls



  • Controlled use dispensing
  • The quality thick paper absorbs liquids well
  • HACCP Food Safe paper available
  • Reduced paper wastage and disposal cost
  • Free on loan dispensers available (*conditions apply) 

Autocut dispensers are available free on loan, to users who sign a commitment to use the auto cut roll towel, supplied by Rapid Clean Newcastle for a period of time. Autocut roll towels are available in traditional white paper and HACCP approved blue paper for kitchens. Blue paper shows where the paper has absorbed water more visibly than a white paper and can be used to safely touch food.


Autocut dispensers are robust and there are no electrical risks associated with hand dryers. How often have you encountered dryers that have broken down? Electrical hand dryers can suck bacteria from the air and re-circulate them while blowing bacteria onto the user's dry hands.

Research has shown up to 74% of bacteria is blown around in bathrooms by hand dryers.

  Bacteria on hands blown around bathroom air and surfaces


Call Rapid Clean Newcastle on 4908 2333 to discuss changing to a more effective, environmentally friendly auto-cut dispensers.





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