How to clean windows low and high

Date: 12-Aug-2019

Everyone desires a clear clean window for a perfect view of the world outside. Rapid Clean Newcastle supplies good Window Cleaning Equipment, and suggests effective window cleaning techniques, that will enhance views, and protect windows from unnecessary damage.

The two major stages of window cleaning are after builders installations, and ongoing maintenance.

Optimal cleaning is achieved with a managed mix of agitation, chemicals, and time spent cleaning.

Window cleaning supplies include window cleaning kits, window cleaning poles and connectors, glass cleaning chemicals, window squeegees and brushes.


Builders cleans require removal of paint, mortar, heavy dirt loads, and sometimes protective films. That requires use of acidic chemicals to break down mortar, solvents to break down paint or gum, scrapers to carefully remove attached material at the risk of scratching windows, and solvents on the films with careful use of scrapers. If a window is treated with tints or reflective material, the chemicals need to be vetted to ensure they don’t compromise them. Low E Glass needs reference to manufacturers guidelines. Scrapers should be strong with durable blades that are unlikely to warp and scratch. When in doubt refer to the window manufacturer/tinting installer.

Silicones and gums can be removed with Orange Solv from Research, or POG from Actichem.

Strong flows of water will wash windows very well of general dirt, enhanced with soft brushes.


Rapid Clean Newcastle offers solutions for low level cleaning, and cleaning at heights from 2m to 23m.

Low level cleaning is commonly done with a window cleaning kit that includes a soft sleeve agitator on a hand-held T-Bar. Plenty of water and a good cleaning chemical like Squeegee Off will release most dirt. The wet surface is then cleaned to a dry clear state with a window cleaning squeegee and handle. Serious cleaners want equipment to last, clean consistently, and leave clear streak free windows.



Window cleaning kits range enormously in quality. Rapid Clean Newcastle’s premium offer is Ettore’s window kit used by serious window cleaners. Consisting of T-Bar and sleeve (soft fibre sleeves includes or porcupine scrub sleeves are also available), a swivel handle channel holder, brass channel and superior rubber squeegee, cleaning chemical (Squeegee Off included), and all conveniently stored in a bucket with lid to seal out dirt. At $125 including GST is half the price of aggregated components.  The premium competitor offering from Sorbo is equal quality. Ettore and Sorbo parts are not interchangeable. The Oates window kit with Moerman accessories is good intermediate value for regular users. Periodic inexpensive cleaning is possible with the Edco economy window kit. All brands offer accessories and replacement components.

All of these kits can have there reach extended by using extendable poles.

Internal window cleaning in “clean environents” like schools, offices, shops is commonly achieved with a good window cleaning spray and a microfibre glass cleaning cloth. Halo from Research dominates Rapid Clean demand, it is so good. Matched with a glass cleaning cloth, our customers actually get excited talking about how well windows come up. Clear Reflections by Whiteley, and Rapid Clean branded Reflection are also popular. They all have an alcohol base, ammonia free. Glass cleaning cloths have finer fibres than typical microfibre cloths for superior cleaning, and totally outperform chux and paper.



External low to multi-floor cleaning

For easy and safe window cleaning of building windows on 1st to 6th floors, water fed pole systems with deionised water can reach from 6m to 23m. Made from incredibly lightweight Kevlar carbon fibre, they offer safe and easy cleaning without the need for scaffolds or risky ladders. If you can see the window, you can clean it! The most popular system is the 10m Attack Kevlar system.

Cleaning 1-5 storey buildings is easy with extendable poles and a choice of glass and facade brushes

high window cleaning  extendable window cleaning tools

De-ionised and purified water is achieved by passing ordinary tap water through a carbon filter, and a tank of electrically charged resin that attracts particles from water. The result is pure water that washes off dirt and leaves no particles behind to leave water beads or streaks. The water does not require a squeegee to clear away, when it evaporates the lack of particles leaves windows absolutely clear. The gentle brush and soft water flow and spray is enough to gently remove dirt and cobwebs. Resin is changed once the supplier measuring device shows water is longer being treated due to resin being coated with particles. The resin is discarded as normal waste to dustbins and change over is easy.

Normal tap water pressure is all that is needed, and can therefore run through hoses up to 100m and still be effective.

Water fed pole systems when fitted with a tougher Vikan facade brush can be used to clean walls, gutters, under eaves very effectively.


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