The Benefits Of Having Soap Dispensers In Restrooms

Date: 25-05-2021


When you have soap dispensers in the restrooms at home, restaurant, businesses or public spaces, you offer a superior level of hygiene to clients and staff alike. As an effective way to ensure everyone has access to the germ killing solution, having these in bathrooms is paramount to improving public health, and ensuring your customers or guests feel comfortable in the space, your premises. Soap dispensers can be attractively designed, or may be robust to handle heavy duty industrial hand cleaning challenges.

What Is a Soap Dispenser?

These handy little machines allow you to offer liquid suds or foam soap alongside the basins in a streamlined and economic way. Users of the bathroom or toilet space can easily activate the mechanism by pump or sensor and a set amount of hand wash that will be ejected onto their hands. Dispensers are selected depending on whether thicker liquid soap or thinner foam soap is prefered. Foam soap is more economic, but at times the volume of liquid soap, or added grit is needed for effective hand cleaning. Dispensers generally range from 1 litre to 4 litres in capacity.

Why Choose This?

Rather than using the more common and traditional bar soap, which can become quite messy and frustrating and share germs. These more modern fixes give you a liquid solution that allows you to keep your washroom looking slick and smart. They also make much less mess around the hand basins, making the washroom easier to clean.

The choice is between sealed pods or refillable pods. Sealed pods prevent unauthorised interference with stored soap. Refillable pods or refillable soap dispensers allow economic soap to be used, but the pods need periodic thorough cleaning to avoid bacteria buildup. As a simple, effective design they can be bulk containers and their capacity means that these refills don't have to take place very often.  There are many ways to make effective use of these machines. Manufacturers pods uniquely fit their dispensers, so once installed you are committed to them. It is common to get free dispensers installed with a contractual commitment to buy the pods for aprox 2 years.

Industrial hand cleaning in workshops may require hand soaps with degreaser, agitating elements in the soap. There are also protective creams users can apply before work starts to resist the impact of industrial soaps. There are restorative liquids that moisturise the hands after final days cleaning.

Things To Bear In Mind

These items and products are generally wall-mounted. As they are one of the more commonly used items they will need to be maintained and refilled accordingly. Sealed pods typically dispense 1200-2500 squirts, as a guide to how many to install depending on foot traffic. As these are usually placed on the wall around shoulder height it is possible through the common use to find a build up occurring around the tap.

Hidden benefits

There are also many sensor-activated soap dispenser available these days, which themselves offer several kinds of benefits. As well as controlling the amount of liquid delivered to each user, they never need to physically be touched which in this time ensures even more protection and personal hygiene levels.  This results in an even longer lifespan of the dispenser as well as improving hygiene in your washroom as the spread of bacteria is reduced significantly. 

When looking at soap dispenser options there is a range to choose from in order to maintain hygiene in your space. Be sure to contact us right away to ensure you get the best range of products for your needs. Call us!