Why You Need Reliable Latex Gloves

Date: 27-05-2021

Reliable latex gloves offer a safe and secure method of handling items for a range of industries. Seen as an ideal way to keep your hand and space hygiene, these are often seen in use as personal protective gear when handling hazardous materials or potential contaminants. Read on to find out exactly why these are such useful and beneficial items to have available on site.  

Health Care

Healthcare professionals across the globe rely on these items to ensure the best possible levels of cleanliness and hygiene safety at all times. These high quality items provide a barrier between skin and biohazardous material to ensure that health care professionals are kept safe at all times. This kind of material  includes blood, urine, feces, and saliva that can infect and contaminate the medical environment.  


When working in the mouth there are a vast range of bacteria present that can cause a number of issues for professionals working in this space. At any one time, there can be 20-100 billion bacteria inside a typical human mouth. These bacteria are relatively harmless, but the possibility of infection is still very real if a cut or opening in the skin is present when working in the month. 


When dealing with animals there are a number of expectations and all of them can raise the potential of contamination or infection if handled correctly. All in the name of protective hygiene and safety, these form a layer between the potential bites, scratches, urine or more. The bacterial transfer comes from bites and scratches that pose particular danger to humans in general, and when you work with animals daily you need to be sure you have the right tools for the job. Disposable latex gloves are key to preventing the spread of common conditions.

Tattoo Shops

The job of a tattoo artist is to inject the ink into the skin where it can remina over time, this cannot happen without drawing blood. Handling any blood without gloves is a massive no no in most situations, but especially when offering a professional service. With so much time spend around this setting, gloves give artists a way to stay safe and secure without losing the definition in their art form. 

Food Service

Food preparation and handling is a much safer operation since the adoption of disposable protective products. They also benefit food service workers from chapped and dry skin- a result of the need for constant hand washing when gloves are not used regularly.

If you need high quality latex gloves for any sort of industry, be sure to get a reliable provider that can get you the best products around. From levels of duty to colour options, these products provide you with an integral health and safety solution. Contact us right away to get your hands in these high quality products.