Cleaning with Citrus Resources products

Date: 13-Dec-2018

Citrus Resources are a series of cleaning chemical products made from citrus crops and other plant-based byproducts.  They continue to be "winners" with our customers that favour an alternative choice, with a commercial grade strength and biodegradable. Their environmental credentials appeal to users.

At RapidClean Newcastle we continue to promote and recommend these products, as we see results not only with our customer feed back, but we also feel the responsiblity of making sure our customers are more protected. These products are an extract  of vegetable-based ingredients thus making them mild on the skin and protecting your health.

There is a range of different products in the Oates/ Citrus Resources, allowing for more choices to use as an alternative to harsh chemicals.

They cover General purpose Cleaning, Dishwashing, bathroom Cleaners, Laundry Cleaners, Carpet Deodorisers, Odour Neutralises, Degreasers and Spotters and the natural handwash.


One of our favourites is Orange Squirt multi-purpose cleaner. It cuts through dirt, grime and vegetable matter- a must in every Kitchen! 

Lencia bathroom cleaner is another ideal product for eliminating and inhibiting the spreading of mould and mildew. Regular use will dissolve most bathroom scum in showers. It attacks mould spores for longer term mould control, compared with bleach or chlorine products that surface clean and whiten mould, causing it to quickly regenerate.

Zest bathroom cleaner and deodoriser with its gentle action will remove lime, hard water scale, rust and allows tiles to shine and mantain a clean bathroom. Zest should be used with guidance as it may adversely react with natural stone.

Citrus Resources products are unique and innovative, and we are always ready to assist with more specifications and use guidlines for maximum effectiveness. 

If like us, you want to do something more about helping protect the environment as well as protecting your health, then we recommend a more natural cleaning way, without comprimising the outcome of a cleaner and healthier environment with a fragance that smells of nature as it is intended.