Compostable Singlet Bags

Compostable Singlet Bags

Compostable bags are the most environmentally friendly bags as when degrading, they return 100% to natural compostable material. That is a fundamental different to biodegradable plastic bags that just break down from sheets of plastic to very tiny plastic pieces that remain in the environment in the ground, in water bodies and rivers, and oceans.

Envirostar Compostable Singlet Bags are made from Compostable material and printed with approved eco-friendly inks making them the best alternative to traditional plastic bags.

They are produced from renewable resources such as corn and ensure the smallest impact on our planet and valuable resources.

Certified 100% all natural GMO Free and designed to meet stringent worldwide standards, these bags can be composted in both home and suitably equipped council or commercial composting facilities.

Certified Compostable to Australian Standards AS4736 BPI and AS5810 Home Compost along with European and International Standards.

The product has a life cycle as it naturally degrades, and bags should be used within six months even if manufacturers suggest longer periods - othersie they may fall apart when full of biomass.