Rapid Clean values our customers support, and we seek to supply effective advice and economic products in pressured economic times.

Major developments at Rapid Clean in the last 12 months are:

* direct imports of Entice toilet paper and hand towel paper products, offering more cost effective options to customers

* pallet price packages of paper, chemicals and garbage bags are increasingly bought by large customers at bulk prices for single site drop off. smaller bulk deals also exist on cloths, scourers, window cleaning products

* online ordering is surging with customer seeing unique pricing, templates for each site or section to manage accurate product and cost budgets, order and invoice history

* equipment hire fleet has expanded to meet periodic scrubber, sweeper, carpet extractor and polisher demand. Some customers rent before buying, others just step up manual cleaning to a periodic superior level. Builders cleans, deep cleans of warehouses and workshops, deep carpet extraction and stain removal, are common.

* mould and dust control are major customer concerns to provide safe operating environments and legal compliance for due care. We guide customers on specialised mould cleaning chemcials and effective cleaning practice. Dust control has a spectrum shifting from brooms to electrostatic mops, to basic and hazardous material vacuums, to mechanical sweepers.Hepa Filtration awareness is criticial.  

* customers giving us their machine business can arrange chargeable site test and tag days from our technician to maintain legal compliance

Sydney,Muswellbrook and Taree areas now have monthly van runs to major customer sites where $ large orders make the runs economic, allowing us to customize delivery on targeted days and meeting site drop off needs that couriers won’t commit to.

Customer Service Focus builds trust

RapidClean Newcastle’s Service Commitment is about reliable availability, quick response, and pragmatically meeting customer expectations. Machines and service, paper products, chemicals, and janitorial products are equally important!

We accept that efficient online ordering is very important to some customers, as are store visits that have instant pickup, build relationships, and receive face to face advice. We thrive on People and Supportive Systems.

We offer multiple brands of products to satisfy customer brand and value preferences, while building powerful support relationships with national brands we represent. Nobody in Newcastle has supplier support like we do, or meets your brand comfort like we do!

Our delivery team offers customized delivery response no courier company would commit to. Schedules delivery runs. Caring delivery staff often know your buying patterns and store practices better than you do!