Automotive Care and Cleaning

Everything you need from washing the exterior, cleaning the interior and finer detailing of the finish.


Truck and Car Wash

Septone Truck Wash-TW20

TW20 Truck Wash by Septone has a balanced pH, making is safe to clean paintwork, chrome rubber, windscreens, fibreglass, aluminium, binyl and most washable surfaces. It is highly effective in removing dirt, mud, road grime, oil and exhaust soot. Available in 5 litres and 20 litres



Wild Cat Car & Truck Wash Concentrate

Wild Cat Car & Truck Wash Concentrate by Peerless is a biodegradable, heavy-duty detergent designed for truck washing and general washing. Wild Cat can be used on a many surfaces, including floors, walls, engines, plastic trucks, vinyl, unpainted metal and wooden surfaces. Wild Cat is available in 5 litres and 25 litres



Blue Heeler Truck Wash

Blue Heeler is a non-streaking, free-rinsing heavy duty detergent suitable for trucks, cars, caravans and boats. Blue Heeler is a non-caustic, non-toxic, biodegradable formula which is highly effective in the removal of mud, dirt, grime, exhaust soot and oil. This pH neutral solution is safe to clean most washable surfaces, including vinyl, paintwork, chrome, rubber, windscreens, fibreglass and aluminium. Available in 20 litres and 200 litres




Interior and Exterior Car Care

Magic Shine Upholstery Rejuvenator

Magic Shine Upholstery Rejuvenator protects, revives and beautifies leather, vinyl, rubber and plastics, leaving a deep wet look. Magic Shine contains a high level of silicone polymers whic pentrate deeply into the surface to produce a long life finish


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Septone Tyre Sheen

Tyre Sheen by Septone is a water based rejuvenating treatment for tyres. It is designed as a fast and easy, one step application using an atomiser spray. Once dry, the tyre and rubber mudflaps will have a deep, black, natural appearance. Available in 20 litres

B-Brite Polish Protector

B-Brite is a pH neutral non-solvent protector, which protects against dust and fingerprints on glass, chrome, polished timber, stainless steel, copper, brass and automotive leather and vinyl. Simply spray on and buff to a brilliant shine. B-Brite is available in a 750ml spray bottle, 5 litres and 15 litres


Protecta Gold

Protecta Gold Hand Soap is tough on oil, grease and grime while being soft on hands. Protecta Gold is suited for any application, included mechanical and industrial workshops and the home garage. Protecta Gols is silicone and solvent free while being as efficient solvent-based cleaners. Available in 5 litres

Cleaning Equipment

Truck and Caravan Wash Brush with Extension Handle

A waterfed telescopic handle and brush with soft scratch free bristles. Simply hook up a hose with standard hose fittings for an easy clean.

Flexible Vacuum Crevice Tool

An excellent attachment to get the hard to reach spots on the car's interior, including the gap down the side of the car seats.

Chamois and Car Cloths

Finish your car or truck off with a shine using a chamois from our range of varying types and sizes:


Glass Cloths

 Microfibre glass cloths designed specifically for cleaning glass. These cloths trap dirt and oils, are non-linting, washable and reusable. Available singularly, and in discounted bundles of 5 and a carton of 50 for even more savings.