Odacon - Urine Odour Neutraliser

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ODACON® is a highly efficient deodoriser for incontinence and human excrement. It is designed for safe use in circumstances where regular contact with normal skin may become part of the management of incontinent patients.

ODACON® is non-flammable, water-based and non-irritant to the skin. It eliminates a common cause of urine smell by neutralising urine and faecal odours at the source. The ammonia-producing mechanism in fresh urine is inhibited by the product, which has a bacteriostatic action in addition to its ability to destroy urine and faecal odours.

ODACON® is an aqueous hypertonic solution with the power to exercise simultaneously and synergistically the following important and beneficial properties:

  • Eliminate by direct reaction and other chemical mechanisms the offensive odoriferous components of human excrement
  • Prevent the action of the enzyme urease which is responsible for the chemical splitting of urea and related excremental components which give rise to alkali (ammonia) promoted dermatitis
  • By interference with metabolism, to rapidly inhibit microbiological as well as enzymatic processes normally present in excreta and urine, which contribute to offensive odour development and potential cross infection
  • ODACON® is free of solvents

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Also Available in Odacon 500ML