Super Solve HDuty Cleaner & Degreaser-5L

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A blend of unique surfactants, solvents and alkalis to create a high performance degreasing cleaner which is also caustic free. It’s outstanding cleaning performance, yet relative safety in use, makes it ideal for applications where user safety or surface corrosion is an issue.


  • Powerful – Super Solve is a powerful cleaner, effectively tackling grease, oil, carbons and stubborn soiling.
  • Excellent performance – Outstanding for fire restoration, duct/vent cleaning and printing clean-ups.
  • Non-Corrosive – will not harm metals or stable paintwork at recommended dilutions.
  • Economical – very effective maintenance cleaner at economical dilutions.
  • Low Foaming – contains corrosion inhibitors and is low foaming to protect cleaning equipment components.
  • Easy to use – no obnoxious odours and is free rinsing.
  • Where to Use

Ideally suited for heavy and general degreasing in industry factories (floors, walls and equipment), warehouses, on engines, concrete floors and more.

Excellent in industrial kitchens, food manufacturing plants, washrooms.

Ideal for use in fire restoration and deep cleans.