Deb Azure Foam Wash 1 Ltr ctn of 6 pods

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Deb Azure Foam Hand Soap

Carton of 6x 1 litre pods

Deb Azure is a foam hand soap for washrooms in schools, offices, hospitals and many other industries.

 Containing glycerin, Deb Azure has a moisterising effect, which imporves skin hydration, prevents drying and leaves the skin feeling smooth and firm.

Deb Azure is very hygenic, with each pod being replaced when the soap is depleted, this ensures no cross-contamination from old soap or unwanted additives put into the soap.


Deb Azure 1 litre pods are used in a variety of dispensers:

Deb Proline DispenserDeb 'Wash your hands' DispenserDeb 'Mr Soapy' Dispenser


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