400mm Fluid Alum Flat Mop & handle

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  • Industrial quality and strength, ideal for wet or dry use
  • In-built reservoir with 500ml capacity
  • Ergonomic trigger & 3 jets for easy diffusion of water/chemical
  • 400mm


Decitex microfibre mops and their leading design durable aluminium poles and pad holders, offer more effective cleaning than string mops, reduced OHS risk, and now reduced bacterial risk in the water chambers.

Rapid Clean Newcastle offers a package of pole and holder, and also pacakages  for smooth floors and rough floors

The pole weighs just 600 g, a featherweight in its category! The pad holder is also light weight, and pads should hold no more than 120ml/120g of liquid - thats a MASSIVE reduction in weight compared with string mops, some of which are designed to to hold 750gm of liquid! Thats a real reductionin OHS risk

Bacteria build up is a concern in chambers holding water and detergent. Now Decitex has a coating of anti-bacterial protection to reduce bacteria build up. 

It is offered in blue, red, green and yellow trim to facilitate use in areas needing control in cross contamination.

The water chamber can hold water or a diluted mixture of chemical. The level indicator keeps you constantly up-to-date with where you are.

Pads include colour trimmed Decitex pads with rough agitation points within the microfibre surface, and Duo pads for slip resistant floors that commonly rip string mops to shreds

Treating the chambers with descaling fluid monthly enhances cleanliness of the chamber and mechanism