Turbo Dry Oxygenator 10kg pH 10-11

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Dry extraction carpet cleaning and deodorizing process. TURBO DRY SOIL RELEASE - Heavy duty stain loosening prespray for carpet dry cleaning methods. Dilutes for economy. May also be used as a carpet spotter. TURBO DRY OXYGENATOR - Stain remover and germicidal odour remover. Used as a pad applied hot rinse solution speeds drying, brilliant cleaning results. Hyper allergenic, no perfumes.


Turbo Dry Oxygenator removes old shampoo residues, general soils, browing stains and brightens colours. By liberating oxygen bubbles though the fibre, carpet is deodorised and drying time is reduced.

Depending on the level of soil, use the appropriate pad, soaked in Oxygenator solution, then buffed over the carpet to extract the stains and dirt. 


Directions of use:

  1. Pre-spray the carpet with Turbo Dry Soil Release. 
  2. Prepare oxygenator solution using hot water in a wringer bucket. Place bonnets into the solution and keep pads hot, at a temperature of 60 to 75 degrees celsius, using an approved immersion heater coil to maintain.
  3. Remove and wring out bonnet
  4. Place bonnet on the machine and work over the carpet in a north/south direction, followed by a east/west direction.
  5. When the bonnet is soiled, turn it over and use the other side.
  6. Remove from the machine when both sides are soiled, rinse out with clean water and wring out.
  7. Remove above steps until the area is cleaned.


pH level: 10-11 (1% Solution)


WARNING: Check the type of carpet to be cleaned prior to starting. Thick wool carpets will require slightly damper pads and higher volume of pre-spray than low pile synthetic fibre.