Oates Flatmop pkg smooth floors washable

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This is a start up package to flat mop a smooth floor being vinyl, timber, polished concrete, tiles in general areas. This will clean 40-60 sqm depending on the level of dirt (heavy dirt loads need removing first, this is for maintenance cleaning). Flat mopping is a lightweight mopping system that gathers up dirt compared with string mops that progressively put dirt back onto the surface aockef wtare and detergent gets more dirty. Once the flat mop pad is dirty, peel it off, replace it with another. At the end of the cleaning session, wash them in a washing machine and leave to air dry - do NOT tumble dry as the polyester fibres will become damaged with heat.

1 x Decitex Telescopic Handle Blue to adjust to your arm length

1 x Decitex Fluid Alluminium Flat Mop 400mm for durability

2 x Dx1 450mm Pad Blue - these pads selected for the package  have small blocks of abrasive fibres to agitate the dirt off the floor, which is then gathered by the surrounding microfibres. The colour is an edge colour as the pad is white. Other colours are green, red  and yellow. Colours are soemtimes used to keep pads allocated to toilets (red), general (blue), green (food areas), yellow (infection areas).... be innovative in your area

Other microfibre pads are plain pads OAT/MF-010B, pads for non-slip floors OAT/MF-077B  see a similar package for that https://www.rapidcleannewcastle.com.au/product/3081-oates-flatmop-pkg-rough-floors-washable