Superclene Citrus Degreaser 5L

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Superclene is a heavy duty general purpose cleaner/degreaser concentrate possessing quick break properties. It's unique combination of biodegradable natural orange oil extract, anionic and nonionic surfactants and powerful builders combine to give excellent performance in almost any application. When diluted as recommended, it can be used for virtually any cleaning application, including degreasing, heavy duty vehicle washing, workshop floor cleaning and the cleaning of trawlers and oil rigs. The quick break property of Superclene ensures that the emulsified grease and oil rapidly separate in a grease trap, allowing the resultant water layer (after pH post-treatment) to be drained to the sewer as treated trade waste.


Directions for use:


Degreasing: Dilute 1:3 parts water. Wipe or spray on, leave for 5-10 minutes to aid penetration then hose off. 

Car/truck/bus/boat washing: Dilute 1:30 parts water depending on the degree of soiling. Apply by sponge or using spray equipment, then rinse with high pressure washer

Workshop floors: Dilute 1:5 parts water. Apply by brush or deck scrub, leave for 10-15 minutes to aid penetraition, rework stubborn stains again with the brush, then hose off. 

General cleaning: Dilute 1:30-100 parts water depending on the degree of soiling. Brush or spray on, then rinse off.