Rocket Vac Back Pack RVXP

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The Rocket Vac XP by Hako is a lightweight powerful backpack vacuum.

Sporting a powerful 1300 watt long life motor, lasts up to 1000 hours of run time. This machine is 40% more powerful and 62% more efficient than most other back pack vacuums cleaners on the market.

The Rocket Vac XP has IRAM Filtration Technology, which is a 3 stage system using paper filters, BFT cloth filters and VFD panel filters, or 99.97% efficient HEPA filter.

Self locking lid with flexible magnetic latch design, which can be fitted for either left hand or right hand operation.

Suction hose swivels 360 degree at lid reducing operator fatigue and making cleaning of ceiling fans, air-conditioning vents, etc so much easier. The swivel fitting reduces wear and tear of the hose connection.


Current max5 amps
Maximum motor power1300 watts
Average noise level70 dBa
Air flow (at nozzle)30 litres/second
Dust bag size5 litres
Filtration>99.99% (IEC test dust)
Cord length18 metres


Available spare parts include: