Cherry Blossom 5lt

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Cherry Blossom is a dual action neutral detergent, with specially formulated, highly residual perfume oils, which masks obnxious odours. Safe on all washable surfaces.

As a Cleaner

Cherry Blossom is a power detergent, removing grime and dirt for all washable surfaces with ease.

  1. Mix one part Cherry Blossom with 40 parts water.
  2. Mop or Swab the area to be cleaned
  3. Pick-up excess moisture and allow to dry


As a deodoriser

Cherry Blossom is formulated with a long lasting purfume, which slowly releases the fragrances over an extended period.

  1. Mix 1 part Cherry Blossom with 3 parts water.
  2. Spray a fine mist towards the ceiling


Also available in 15 litres