Multikleen Spray n Wipe-5 Litres

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Multikleen is a professionally formulated, hard surface cleaner. Thanks to modern technology, it boasts outstanding grease cutting ability and leaves no residue, apart from a surface active antibacterial agent. It combines the advantages of a number of different cleaning principles to make it excellent all-rounder.


  • Rapid & Effective Cleaning - Quickly penetrates and emulsifies oil and fatty deposits.
  • Sanitizes - Contains an effective antibacterial, antifungal agent.
  • Wide Application Excellent for all hard surface cleaning in offices, community centres, institutions, schools and homes.
  • Antistatic - Its antistatic characteristics make it very effective for the removal of soot, ash residue and other charged soils.
  • Fresh Scent - Contains a pleasant floral fragrance.

Where to Use

  • Offices – Ideal for cleaning desks, chairs, counters and other smooth surfaces.
  • Washrooms – Suited to the cleaning of baths, basins, shower recesses, toilets and all tiled areas.
  • Other very effective for all tiled and hard surfaces.