Prewash;Laundry Pre Spray (CC140)-5Litre

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A high-performance pre-treatment for the removal of collar and cuff grime, greasy oils, and protein and starch stains.  Its unique blend of surfactants, solvents, anti-redeposition agents and water softeners make it a tough grease and grime cleaner, whilst being totally safe for use on almost all types of clothing fabric.


  • Emulsifies – Quickly and effectively emulsifies protein, starches, body and hair oils, and greasy oil stains.
  • Safe – Totally safe on almost all clothing material and upholstery/carpet fabrics.
  • Water Soluble – Totally soluble in water and is easily rinsed.
  • Versatile – An excellent general purpose cleaner, ideal for cleaning washrooms, floors, walls, and for the degreasing of machinery and engines.
  • Caustic free – safe on aluminum, paint duco etc.
  • Fragrant – pleasant citrus fragrance and non-irritating.

Where to Use


Primarily designed for use as a laundry collar and cuff spray.

Ideal for treating spots and stains on clothing.

General Purpose

Use undiluted for oven cleaning, machine degreasing etc.

Diluted to 1:20, it makes a highly effective all-purpose cleaner for general janitorial cleaning.


Also available in 20 Litre