Air Conditioner Cleaner-5 Litre (CC163)

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  • Ultra Concentrate

  • High tech surfactant system

  • Low odour formula

Power cleaning of air conditioner units. Specialty penetrating agents and a powerful alkali blend provides top cleaning performance on a wide spectrum of soil types.


  1. Apply only when equipment is not running.

  2. Dilute, as below, and spray coils liberally working from top to bottom of the coils.

  3. Wait several minutes and repeat the application, as required.

  4. Flush coils clean by hosing with water. 

Extremely dirty or scaled coils may required repeat application.

Dilute 1:60 - 1:120 (depending of the severity of soiling)

  1. Apply solution with a cloth or spray bottle

  2. Agitate heavily soiled areas using a stiff brush

  3. Allow 10 minutes dwell time

  4. Rinse thoroughly with clean water