SW250 Manual Sweeper

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Nilfisk SW250 Manual Sweeper

The SW250 walk-behind sweeper by Nilfisk offers impressive performance on indoor floors and outdoor spaces. The SW250 Manual Sweeper will pick up dirt, dust, sand, nails, bolts, cigarettes, etc up to 6 times faster than a manual broom.

Compact and light, you can use the SW250 sweeper in congested areas or when space is limited. The sound level is low, as the brooms are rotated by the gear system as the machine is pushed forward by the user.

There is no motor, so daytime cleaning is an attractive, cost-saving option. Dust is limited by the built-in filter and the easy handling of the large hopper when it needs to be emptied. The user will enjoy several benefits such as the adjustable soft-grip handle to always ensure a comfortable working position. 

All-in-all this fast and productive Nilfisk sweeper is an ideal choice for cleaning car parks, malls, schools, bus/railway stations, small factories as well as outside office buildings.

  • Direct-throw system to ensure excellent sweeping performance

  • Capacity for long time cleaning: 38-litre hopper, which can be kept open for disposal of big items, emptying of garbage bins, etc.

  • Easy to maneuver: Large non-marking wheels make pushing and steering simple for the user

  • Handles dust well: Built-in filter for improved dust control and user comfort

  • Solid and suited for outdoor use: Rugged corrosion proof frame

  • Virtually service free: Simple mechanical construction with gear and belt drive. No motor or battery

  • The handle can be adjusted to fit the operator height (3 positions)

  • The hopper remains in place even when the sweeper is stored in an upright position or hung on the wall

  • One year commercial warranty