Upholstery Plus, Upholstery Cleaner 5ltr

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Actichem’s Upholstery Plus (AP468) is a professional upholstery pre-spray detergent formulated specifically for the effective cleaning of all synthetic upholstery fabrics. It delivers outstanding grease-cutting performance and stain removal ability for reliable and fast cleaning.

Where to Use

Ideal for use wherever there is dirty synthetic upholstery, however, it finds special application in restaurants, hotels, cinemas, institutions, and government buildings.

Use Actichem’s AP464 Encap Fine Fabric when cleaning fabrics constructed with cotton, silk, and other delicate fabrics.

How to Use


Always pretest in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals.

  1. Vacuum fabric to remove all loose soil.
  2. Mix 250ml Upholstery Plus with 4 Litres of clean water. (1:16)
  3. Spray apply this solution onto the fabric until it is wetted out. (1Litre of ready to use solution should cover approximately a 4 seater lounge suit or 4m2)
  4. Agitate solution using a bonnet mitt or an upholstery cleaning brush.
  5. Rinse extract using Actichem Rinse Pro.
  6. Brush to re-align fibres.
  7. Allow drying. Assist drying by increasing ventilation.


Prespray severely soiled areas such as chair arms with AP480 Actichem VDS for even faster results.