Foamex Liquid Defoamer 5 litre

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Foamex Liquid is a professional anti-foaming liquid that prevents foam from forming in wands and hoses. It is a highly effective silicone complex that is easy and safe to use.


  • High Performance –  Foamex Liquid provides high-performance foam collapse for operator peace-of-mind
  • Easy to Use – Simply pour Foamex solution into the hose of the running extraction cleaner for instant foam collapse. All foam is immediately eliminated in the wand, vacuum pipes, and waste tank.
  • Compatible – Will not affect pH or alter cleaning performance.
  • Protects Machine Components – Prevents foam from entering and damaging vacuum motors and blowers.
  • Enhances Vacuum Performance – Foam build-up is a common cause of poor suction performance. Using Foamex Liquid eliminates this problem at the source.

How to Use


  1. Dilute Foamex liquid 1:4 to 1:10 with clean water.
  2. Pour 1 to 2 cups of Foamex Solution into the hose of running extraction equipment.
  3. This process may need to be periodically repeated if foam generation is high.

Also available in Foamex Liquid Defoamer 20Ltr