Emulsifier Plus Extraction-5 Litres

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Emulsifier Plus is a premium quality extraction detergent liquid. This innovative emulsifier formulation has a well-buffered pH, with a unique combination of solvents, detergents, and water softeners for cutting through the toughest of soils, taking the “sweat” out of carpet cleaning. It is perfect for the hottest of truck mount cleaning systems and holds up to the ultra-high heat, therefore, minimizing residual deposits and clogged spray jets.


  • Premium Cleaning Action – Got the muscle to cut through stubborn oily soils. Emulsifies tracked-in particulate soiling, releasing it for efficient extraction.
  • High Heat Stable – Stays in solution in the hottest truck mount temperatures, helping to eliminate residual deposits and clogged spray jets.
  • Fibre Safe – Safe for use on stain-resistant fibres. Ideal for use on all synthetic carpeting.
  • Equipment Safe – Specialty corrosion inhibitors protect your equipment components.
  • The Product of Choice – Ultra concentrated liquid formulation provides smarter cleaning at lower costs. Although suitable for truck mount use it is the ideal choice for portable users. Mixes easily in hot or warm water and is scented with a fresh fragrance.
  • A Versatile Option – Emulsifier Plus is ideal for use as a one-step emulsifying extraction cleaner or as an extraction detergent following a prespray treatment for heavily soiled carpets.