Protein Spotter Stain Remover-5 Litre

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Protein Spotter is a protein and blood spotter for removing a wide variety of organic stains such as food, gravy, beverages and blood from carpets. It combines powerful protein dissolving chemistry with wetting and penetrating technology for dissolving protein soils and releasing them from fibres and fabrics.


  • Innovative Chemistry – Protein Spotter not only provides a tough solution for a tough problem but uses modern innovative technology to ensure that every dollar spent is producing maximum results.
  • Protein Stain Removal – Protein Spotter removes stains caused by egg, gravy, milk, blood, vomit and other protein sources.
  • Dynamic Penetration Feature – The inclusion of super wetting and penetrating agents ensure that Protein Spotter quickly and effectively wets out the fibres, carpet backing and even the substrate below to ensure total elimination of all areas which have been contaminated.
  • Easy to Use – Protein Spotter comes in a convenient ready-to-use form.

How to Use


Always pretest in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals.

Spot Removal

  1. Scrape or blot up all loose surface soil.
  2. Apply Protein Spotter undiluted to the stained area.
  3. Apply this solution onto the fibre or fabric until it is wetted out.
  4. Agitate solution using a carpet rake or upholstery cleaning brush.
  5. Allow 10 – 20 minutes reaction time.
  6. Rinse extract using Actichem Rinse Pro.
  7. Allow drying. Assist drying by increasing ventilation.