Truvox Wide Area Vacuum Twin 1100Wmotors

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With a large 70 cm cleaning path and 40-litre capacity the Valet Wide Area Vac provides high productivity in large areas of the carpet. Ideal for department stores, airports, hotels, conference and exhibition centres.

• Large 70 cm cleaning path gives 2.5 times more coverage than a typical
upright or tub vacuum
• Straight line operation gives increased productivity
• High-efficiency twin 1000 W vacuum motors
• 1800 rpm brush loosens deep down dirt and revives carpet pile
• Four-stage clean-air filtration removes dust particles down to 0.3 microns
• Ergonomically designed handle including height adjustment, cushioned grips
and dead man’s safety switch
• Brush height can be adjusted to five different positions, depending on the
height of the carpet pile
• Large 40 litre capacity for maximum productivity
• Easy to access and change filters and bags