Autoplus Super 20kg bag Laundry Powder

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Autoplus Super is a fully built, top of the range, low foaming laundry powder for use in all industrial, commercial and domestic washing machines. Autoplus Super is formulated using high quality oxygen bleaching agents,enzyme boosters, modern surfactants and anti-redeposition agents to give the professional launderer a laundry detergent powder which removes stains including hard to remove protein rich stains with ease and practically eliminates the need for bleaching agents.



  • No Greying - Sophisticated anti-redeposition agents prevent fabric greying.
  • Sanitization – When used in the hot wash cycle, the oxygen chemistry provides powerful sanitization activity.
  • Oxygen Boosted – Colour-safe oxygen bleaching agents brighten/whiten fabrics which have “greyed” from previous washing.
  • Premium Quality – A high quality, professionally formulated laundry powder.
  • Low foaming – suited for use in all washing machines.
  • Enzyme Boosted – extremely effective in the removal of protein stains, such as  blood, wine, faeces, grass, tea, coffee, etc.

How to use 

  • Optimum results are obtained above 40°C. Ideal temperature being 55°C to 65°C
  • Lightly soiled fabrics: Use 12-15g per Kg of washing.
  • Heavily soiled fabrics: Use 16-20g per Kg of washing.
  • Soaking: Dissolve 50g in 5 litre warm water and soak soiled fabrics for 2-3 hours.
  • Follow machine manufacturer’s directions for cleaning procedures.



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