Hand Sanitising Alcohol Wipes 70 Count

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Sanitising Alcohol wipes are suitable to sanitise and cleaning frequently touched surfaces. 

Sanitising is a process to kill 99.9% of germs. Disinfection kills 99.999% of germs (leaving just 1 in a milion), see our blog for details on comparing sanitising to disinfection.

  • Medical and Lab equipment

  • Keyboards and mouses

  • Computer screens

  • Mobile Phones

  • Door Handles

  • Benchtops

  • Call buttons

  • Taps, Toilet buttons, Hand rails, Stations & Airports

Kill 99.9% of germs in seconds. They prevent cross contamination while they sanitize and are more convenient and easier to use than traditional hand washing with soap and water.

Liquid and gel wipes can be very messy and end up on the floor. This special formula cleans and sanitises without all the mess.

Use these wipes to sanitise your hands anywhere particularly in medical offices, nursing homes, day care centres, schools, jails, gymnasiums, restaurants and hotels .

Available in 70 wipes dispenser and 1000 wipes Maxi Pack.