I-Mop Lite With Charger/Batteries

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I-Mop Lite Scrubber is a walk-behind scrubber and dryer complete with dual scrub brushes and has the maneuverability of a mop. The I-Mop Lite will change the way you think about cleaning.
  • Scrubber & Dryer with the flexibility of a flat mop
  • Easy and fast to refill and empty the tanks
  • Great compact design that allows the machine to fit into any standard vehicle for transportation
  • Easy to move around with wheels to the next job
  • High-Speed twin-brush
  • Takes tight corners with much ease
  • The tight turning radius means you can clean where no auto scrubber can
  • Low profile deck-can get under cabinets and ledges
  • Scrubbing brushes clean up to the edges
  • Suitable for Cleaning small space, but no job is too large
  • Light-weight of 13.2kg 
Your Yearly Labour & Chemical Savings
 String mopMicrofibre flat mopi-mop lite
Cleaning rate400 m2/hr720 m2/hr1200 m2/hr
Per clean
Cleaning1 hour33 mins20 mins
Per annum
Cleaning260 hours144 hours 27 mins86 hours 40 mins
Application: Indoor, hard surfaces
Theoretical performance: 1400 m2 per hour
Practical performance: 700 - 1000 m2 per hour
Brush speed: 500 rpm
Brush pressure: 13 kg
Operation width: 37 cm
Size machine (L x W x H): 34 x 43 x 120 cm
Weight with battery: 13.2 kg
Weight without battery: 11.5 kg
Clean water tank: 3 ltr
Recovery tank: 3 to max 5 ltr
Power-source: 1 pack (20 cells)
Battery pack: 18 V - 12 Ah - 250 Wh
Brush motor: 180 W
Vacuum suction motor: 200 W
Run time: 45 min
Charge type: Off-board
Charger: 110-240 V - 50/60 Hz
Charging time: 6 hours