PPE Coverall Type 4/5/6-XXL

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Type 4/ 5/ 6 coverall suits are for specialised applications requiring high levels of protection. They provide high levels of protection against hazardous dust or liquids, as controlled by international standards of testing. They should be used in conjunction with hazardous waste collection equipment, and users need to be trained in use of coberalls, gloves, masks and the equipment they use, as well as safe maintenance and disposal of protective equipment and waste.

Type 4 coveralls are occupations that require effective whole suit protection against exposure to heavy liquid aerosols as well as airborne solid particulates. ... Type 4 suits provide better protection against virus contamination

Type 5 material is more breathable than microporous coveralls, more suited to construction work especially in hazardous conditions where asbestos fibres, acid and alkali splash and water exist. ... They are typically used for protection against airborne particles and fibres

Type 6 is the highest classification for dust and liquid permeation control. The standard and its test is defined in EN 6530 and involves pouring a specified amount of specific liquids onto a sample of fabric suspended in a “gutter” (hence the name). The liquid is poured at a 45angle, and how much of it penetrates through (the penetration %) and how much runs off the edge (the repellency %) is recorded. EN 14126 standard is for protection against infectious agents. It contains four different tests which measure a fabric's ability to resist being penetrated by mediums, such as liquids that may be contaminated with bacteria or other infectious agents. (information from Lakeland.com)

  • 65gsm non woven polypropylene
  • Excellent comfort and breathability
  • Exceptional  strength and protection
  • Lightweight and economical
  • Elastic cuffs, hood and ankles
  • Adhesive zip cover flap
  • HACCP certified
  • Suitable for Asbestos removal 
  • Category III
  • It also adds a barrier to liquid sprays or splashes
  • Barrier to airborne solid particulates and dusts
  • Barrier to limited limited splash and sprays
  • Anti Static
  • Protection against radioactive particulate contamination
  • protection against biological hazards and infective agents

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