Solve Carpet Cleaning Challenges

Date: 07-09-2020


Time to solve carpet cleaning challenges - Spring is warming up and carpets dry faster!

Stubborn carpet stains and odours can really upset people. At Rapid Clean, we commonly have people seeking a solution to coffee and wine stains, rust, gum, urine stains. Then there are those offensive odours from urine, milk, vomit, pets that persist after cleaning attempts. Mould is both unsightly and potentially hazardous to health if untreated. We have solutions to discuss with you. Solve them Fast with our leading brands! 

It's about the right chemicals, using the right equipment, and the techniques. Rapid Clean offers assistance with all three.
Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

The golden rule with stains is to treat them before they embed themselves into fabrics. Left too long, some stains never come out. Having a handy pack of treatment chemicals allows the swift and effective removal of those stains as they occur.

In all cases, treat an inconspicuous area to test colour fastness and fibre reaction. Use a white cloth, never a red cloth for this. Chemical composition information is available in safety data sheets on our website, in case you are concerned about the reactions of people or surfaces to the chemicals.

Stain removal chemicals are not general carpet shampoo chemicals. Stains should be treated first, then the general chemicals applied. Prepspraying chemicals allow time to release dirt, break down greases, before extraction.

Odour removal - Odaban E Carpet Antimicrobial Deodoriser, or BIOSAN II - ideal for removing putrid odours from carpet and hard floors surfaces. Biosan II is also a TGA approved COVID killer. Both products will kill the bacteria that cause the odours, so better than a general shampoo that just releases dirt.

Coffee/wine/juice removal - Coffee Break - Low pH spotter used to assist in the removal of coffee, tannin, berry red wine, and fruit juice stains. 

Rust Remover - Trusty Rust Remover, and Rust Remover from Actichem- Safe to use on both carpet and upholstery for the removal of rust and some water-based stains. It can also remove stains from terracotta pots.

Urine stain and odour remover - Pet & Flood and Clorox Urine remover– Urine odours persist as they are hard crystals that regular carpet shampoos do not break down and remove (the same applies to urine stains in tile grout). Urine removers will break down the crystals, for removal during the carpet extraction process. Pet & Flood is a unique spotting solution for high-performance removal of cellulosic browning, urine stains, and the associated odours.

Gum/lipstick remover - Orange Solv - A powerful water-soluble solvent that is an alternative to strong petroleum, chlorinated or glycol ether solvents used for heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing.

Grease removal is best treated with a degreaser chemical like Grease Release.

Spot stain removers that deal with minor stains are Unbelievable and Conquest, available in 500ml and 5litre options. Conquest is an encapsulation chemical that means dirt released but not extracted fully, is trapped in a crystal on carpet fibres, and after drying will be released when vacuuming is next done.

Deodorising carpets is possible during the rinsing process or spraying onto carpets after cleaning

Quality carpet pre-spray and extraction chemicals that are popular with our customers are Spitfire Advanced and Spitfire Lavender, options, and Performance Plus and Performance Gold.

• To leave carpets soft after cleaning, Fibresoft from Whiteley's is very effective.

Wine spill on carpet Bubblegum stain on carpet Pet stains and accidents on carpet

Red Wine Stain Remover

Orange Solv Degreaser Spotter

Pet & Flood Urine & Browning Remover

Actichem Red Fix A & B 

 Orange Solv

 Pet & Flood

Kids carpet stains Bathroom Tiles Coffee Stains
 Mr Nomaks Carpet Spotter  Trusty Rust Remover 500ml  Coffee Break 500ml & 5L

Mr Nomaks Carpet Spotter

Trusty Rust Remover

Coffee Break

Carpet Extraction Machines

The are many machines that clean carpets in varying levels of capability. Some machines are very portable, less expensive. Others are larger capable of wide-area and deep cleaning. Generally, carpets should be presprayed before extraction to allow chemicals time to release the dirt. That allows stains, in particular, to be pretreated. Some chemicals have high PH values that need to be rinsed out and even neutralized. Carpet cleaning varies from refreshing to deep cleaning. That affects the time needed, chemicals needed, space needed to move around, and storage of equipment. Larger machines typically have stronger spray pumps and vacuum motors, and some can heat the water that enhances cleaning. 

Rapid Clean sells portable carpet extractors like the Kerrick Sabrina Maxi and Tennant Spot8, suitable for one person to load in and out of a larger hatchback or van, take upstairs. They are suitable for one or two-room cleaning projects, with steel wand and upholstery tools. The small wand footprint would mean a large room would take a long time. 

Larger rooms would best be cleaned with powerful machines like the Polivac Terminator Plus, twin vacuums and 220 PSI pump. The larger Polivac Predator also has an onboard heating capability. Both these machines are still using wands that some operators may find tiring in a long session. The Nilfisk ES300 carpet extractor, and Tennant EX-SC-3851 extractor, both have powered carpet roller brushes to agitate carpets and release dirt, with strong onboard vacuums. They are ideal in wide-area (exhibition rooms) or long area (corridor) cleaning. 

Over-wetting carpets can easily occur with excessive spraying. An air mover accelerates the drying process dramatically.

All machines sold by Rapid Clean Newcastle are serviced by our in-house technician, at our workshop for effective aftermarket support for your cleaning team.


Carpet cleaning is about some science, some technique, and some common sense in the process. Treat carpets with appropriate cleaning practices and you will have carpeted areas that enhance living and working, not frustrate.

The best advice is from professionally trained cleaning specialists at Rapid Clean where you get friendly treatment and great service!