Rust Remover-5 Litres

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Rust Remover is a "Safe-chemical" formulation for removing rust spots on fibres and carpets. It replaces the traditional option of Hydroflouric Acid, which is extremely corrosive with a high hazard profile. Rust Remover is formulated with a blend of wetting agents, which allows for a fast and efficient chemical action on deep-set spots.


  • Rust Remover provides a safer alternative to Hydrochloric Acid and Hydrofluoric Acid
  • Rust Remover quickly and effectively penetrates discoloured fibres, with the inclusion of super wetting and penetrating agents, resulting in not just treating the outside of the fibre, but penetrates the fibre.
  • Highly effective against old, dried blood spots (pretesting is always recommended)
  • Rust Remover is safe on all synthetic and natural fibres (although fine fabrics must be pre-tested for colour stability before use)
  • Rust Remover has a low odour formula


Severe contamination: Undiluted

Lesser affected area or use on upholstery: 1 part Rust Remover and 1 part water

Directions of use:

  1. Prepare dilution (if required)
  2. Spray apply the solution onto the fibre or fabric until it is wetted out.
  3. Agitate solution using a carpet rake or upholstery cleaning brush
  4. Allow 10-20 minutes reaction time
  5. Rinse extract using Rinse Pro
  6. Allow drying. Increasing ventilation will assist in drying