Makinex Dual Pressure 4000 PSI B/S

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The Makinex DPW-4000 is an extremely productive and versatile surface pressure washer. It combines a rotary cleaner and a pressure wand with 1000-4000 psi adjustable pressure control, in one machine. It's quick and easy to operate saving time and labour costs. on rough surfaces that absorb and retain dirt, it blasts that away without creating a mess.

The dual-function pressure washer is made from durable components on a robust frame. It combines a 610mm (24") rotary surface cleaner and a pressure wand in one compact machine.

Rotary surface pressure washers allow a wide area to be cleaned with an even outcome, with no stripes that wand cleaning produce. The shroud around the rotating head stops dirt being blasted onto nearby walls, windows, cars, and people. Pushing the machine on its roller castors is easy. Customers are stunned with the immediate change as long-term dirt is released. Pre-spraying with degreasers/ acidic cleaners will allow even more effective cleaning. 

Single-purpose pressure washers waste an operator's time on set up and switching from lance cleaning to rotary cleaning pressure washers. That costs either the operator or the customer more.

With 1000psi to 4000psi variable pressure control valve, you can simply adjust the pressure to match the type of surface or dirt load that needs to be dealt with - it avoids damage to vulnerable surfaces. It has a powerful 13HP Honda engine. The power is suitable for durable surfaces found in car parks, paved and tiled areas, and pool areas. Old grout may be vulnerable. Pebble paved surfaces need testing for suitable adhesion.

Changing from the surface cleaner to the wand is even easier - just adjust the valve by hand instantly you are operating - no parts change needed.

Operators love the Makinex Dual Pressure Washer 4000 for ease of use. Once the motor and pump are activated, just push it forward on its roller wheels. Large rear wheels glide easily over any surface even pitted or cracked paving slabs, brickwork, and stone chips, not getting trapped in holes or groves. 

Reduce risk of OHS risk of repetitive strain by nullifying strenuous side-to-side sweeping action which provokes back pain.

Adjusting the PSI down as low as 1000-2000PSI allows use on sensitive surfaces. 

An onboard hose reel helps you keep the integrated 10m hose off the ground and out of your way when the spray gun is not in use. The 10m hose can be extended with a click-and-connect connection. 


  • Pump: Heavy duty AR Triplex with gear reduction, thermal release valve, pressure gauge & external bypass
  • Spray gun wand and rotary cleaner in one
  • 45cm" wide surface cleaner with twin spray heads
  • Adjustable pressure from 1000-4000 psi adjustable by hand
  • Hose reel on the machine keeps the hose organized
  • Quick-connect spray gun and nozzle fittings, nozzle fittings have different spray angles
  • Large wheels glide easily over any surface and avoid getting stuck in holes and ruts
  • Front-wheel locks stop it from rolling away
  • Foldable handle for more compact storage
  • Rear splash skirt prevents spraying debris onto nearby walls, windows, and people


  • Engine: Honda GX390
  • Pressure Range: 1000-4000psi
  • Rotary Size: 610mm (24")
  • Hose Length: 10m
  • Fuel Tank: 6.1L
  • Liters Per Minute Used: 15L/min
  • Sound Level At Handle: 92dB (a)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1360mm x 620mm x 875mm
  • Weight: 107kg