Creme Cleanser 500ml with cap (CC700)

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A powerful ready –to-use thickened, hard surface cleaner. It’s citrus formulation combines a powerful solvent/surfactant package with a mild non-scratch abrasive which has earned its title “firm favourite” in many domestic and industrial kitchens as well as with many commercial cleaners doing washroom cleaning. Its anti-bacterial action further enhances its long list of benefits.


  • High Performance Cleaning – Provides powerful cleaning action on greasy, oily soiling and soap scum.
  • Washroom Cleaning – Effortlessly removes the toughest of soap scum and water marks without damaging grout or delicate stone surfaces.
  • Kitchen Cleaning – Safe and ideal for use in kitchens and food environments when used as directed.
  • Stain Removal – Especially effective at removing stains and spots from hard surfaces.
  • Polished Finish – Leaves chromed and smooth surfaces with a polished shine.
  • Thickened Formula – It is thickened to ensure longer adhesion to the surface being cleaned.
  • Non-Scratch – Cleans and shines without scratching.
  • Anti-bacterial action – Contains effective ant-bacterial agent.


Where to Use


  • Kitchens – Ideal for worktop cleaning and other hard surfaces such as hobs, hood covers, mincers, dough kneaders, etc.
  • Canteens – suited to tabletops and chairs.
  • Washrooms – Excellent for cleaning baths, basins, shower recesses, toilets, urinals and all tiled areas as well as chrome fittings.
  • Other – very effective for tiled and hard surfaces in schools, abattoirs, fisheries, etc., as well as all other stainless steel surfaces.


  • A Fresh Clean – Cleans with a fresh citrus fragrance.