Mould No More 5 Litre non-alum hard surf

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Mold no more is a cleaner & sanitizer, it is a thin foamy detergent, having a chlorine like-odor. It is phosphate-free and has biodegradable surfactants.

This chemical contains a mix of surfactants that produce long-lasting foam, with certain alkalis to decompose and saponify fats. 

Excellent for: 

- Removing fungi, molds, body fats 

- Eradicates dirt, scum & stains

- using manually or through a pressure cleaner

Safe to use on most surfaces like ceramics, stainless steel, tiles, grout. Mostly used in kitchen and food environments, machinery, floors, bathrooms, etc. 


Method for disinfectant & toilet:

- Ready to use. Squirt into affected surface

- Leave for 2-10 minutes 

- Rinse clean/flush


Method for cleaning:

- Dilute 125ml in 5L

Follow SDS for safety methods and procedures.


Remember Safety Data Sheets are available for chemicals being used and stored. See here for easy download.